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Wedding Guest Book Inspiration

Wedding Guest Book Inspiration

Wedding guest books have evolved so much over the years. The traditional book with lines for guests to sign their names are still used, but not nearly as often. Many couples are opting for something more personal to who they are as a couple. They are choosing non-traditional wedding guest books that have meaning to them. I truly believe that this is a great opportunity to make something traditionally blah into a really special personalized touch for your wedding. To get your wheels turning, check out this Wedding Guest Book Inspiration. 

1. Photo Guest Book

These are SO much fun. You get faces with the messages, and it’s a great guest experience! Just note, taking each couple’s photo, then having them adhere the photo to the book and write the message can take time. If you have a large wedding guest count, make sure to get multiple cameras and someone to help guest adhere the photos to the book.


2. Themed Books

Incorporating a book on a topic you are passionate about is definitely a fun way to incorporate something personal into your wedding guest book. It could be an Atlas, a coffee table book about dogs, countries, or whatever your heart desires. Just make sure you test the pens before the big day! You want messages, not a smeared mess. Many coffee table books are made with glossy paper that makes it harder for normal pen ink to dry quickly.


3. Framed Artwork.

I love when couples use framed artwork for their “guest book”. It’s a part of the wedding that you can also incorporate into your home decor after the wedding.

We’ve seen framed Engagement Photo and allow the guests to sign the matting, a painting or photo of your wedding venue or home, a painting of something you both love like your favorite pet or a world map. The photo below is a commissioned painting of the couple!


4. Wall Art

Similar to Framed Art, Wall Art is a great way to incorporate something fun and unique for your guests to sign. A company called Fire & Pine engraves maps and other things into wood and can make custom designed pieces for weddings.


5. Wine Bottles.

For our wine lovers out there, here’s a great one! Have your guests sign your favorite bottles of wine for you to open and enjoy on different anniversaries! Just make sure you get pens that work on glass.


6. Guitar or Instrument.

This is a great option for music lovers. Have your guests sign a guitar, instrument, or case. When it’s done, you can mount it on a wall, or just pick it up and play it.


7. Paintings.

This is a fun and unique alternative to a traditional guestbook. Have your guests each paint their names on a canvas painting of your venue, home, or favorite place.

At the end of the day, no matter what you have guests sign, it’s a good call to have something. This will be something that you will look at years from now and reminisce on such a beautiful day.

Another great thing to consider is personalizing your sendoff. We’ve put together a few send off ideas for your HERE

Happy Planning!